Proteus Technial - Apeyron Flagship and Interceptor

Following on from the sneak peak at the Harbinger, I thought I should take a look at two other Apeyron ships that have featured heavily in both the Proteus Endless and Natural Selection Sagas.
The Apeyron have fearsome ships, but not all of them are for military purposes. The first datasheet is one of the Imperial Flagships. There are two in the books, Razon stole one of them and the other gets near enough wrecked in Evolution by Razon's forces. This is a big ship and it also forms the basis for their Science vessels although they are different.
The second picture is one of the Interceptor class of ship are small fast designs with mutifunctionality, working for both civilian and military use. These ships are however designed for speed more than firepower. Fans of the series will realise this is the ship that Tath escaped in to defect to the Alphian's cause.


Proteus Art, and an update

Eyecandy first...
As you will have guessed at this point, I like to know what I am writing about and while being able to see something in your head is good, actually being able to physically see it in 3D is better.
This is the Harbinger, an Apeyron dreadnought class ship that will make its terrifying appearance in the upcoming Proteus New Horizons.
The two little ships by its side are Apeyron heavy cruisers, just do you get the idea of how big this thing is.

As for an update....
It may seem like things are quiet for me at the moment, but the truth is far from it and I am waiting to see how something works out before making an announcement. Lets just say I have been very busy working in the background.

Proteus New Horizons is currently being written and I have to admit, I have been distracted by other projects. Keep watching as which ever way this goes, it will be huge.

Proteus Book 9 - Evolution now available

The adventure for the Proteus ships continues as the second book of the Natural Selection Saga arrives with Proteus - Evolution

It is available now from Smashwords and other retailers priced at $4.99
The book is suitable for Teens upwards.

Here is the Blurb!

"With Loren and Lunar reunited, everyone is overjoyed at the resurrection of the youngest Proteus ship however she is not the youngest anymore with four new wilful and slightly potty new members of the Proteus family to deal with. As Terrik, Koli and Lunar return to Earth with the goal to ease Lunar through her trauma and help Terrik try to find her inner peace, the team on Beletrix is stretched to its limits as Saya and Miras search for suitable new worlds for the Apeyron to colonise.
However when an old foe reappears and threatens the peace they have fought hard to achieve the reckless and immature sisters decide to spring in to action putting themselves at risk facing off against powerful forces hell bent on destroying them.
Back on Earth, what should have been a therapeutic vacation for Koli, Terrik and Lunar quickly turns in to a rescue mission that could have disastrous consequences as the Earth ship Aurora begs Koli to help save her sisters. Knowing the dire warning from the future Koli and Flip must decide if they should undertake this risky mission knowing full well what the cost to the future will be.
Will our young heroes manage to survive their first adventure and will Koli, Lunar and Terrik rescue the stranded Avoran ships while ensuring the future for everyone does not fall in to darkness?"

This second part of the Natural Selection Saga, Evolution follows old and new friends as they get themselves in to a lot of trouble with dilemmas and action abound. For our youngest members of the Proteus Family they quickly find themselves in deep trouble facing a life or death situation as one of the hidden secrets of the Apeyron is forced in to the light of day. Back on Earth, a dark warning from the future comes full circle as the Earth ship Aurora asks for Koli's help leaving them with a terrible decision to make, to travel to the Avoran system and rescue Aurora's sisters or to refuse. This is a decision which Koli and Flip know could very well spell the end of everything!
Also included is another Proteus Unhinged Mini story, One Small Step.

Proteus Evolution - Meet the family

Proteus Evolution, the 8th book in the Proteus Series has finally hit the shelves and before I introduce the book itself, I thought I would introduce you to the newborn Proteus ships as well as a few other ships that feature in the book, specifically Aurora's family...


Norcee is a third generation Titan class ship, although smaller than Miras she is quite frankly massive. She believes she is the groups leader but struggles with her siblings.

Hataka is unlike anything ever imagined by our friends. She is technically a Proteus Warship, heavily armoured and heavily armed. Looks can be rather deciving though as beyond her explosvie and aggressive nature she reads romance novels and is rather girly.

Cenya is not quite what she appears to be, a mini Titan of sorts she is no larger than Terrik or Lunar. She is lazy and can be explosive if you mention she is fat, but get to know her, she is hiding a secret from her sisters. She is seriously smart.

Qidgee is frankly a pain in the ass. She is hyperactive, annoying and plays far too many practical jokes. She is also the smallest and the fastest of the Proteus Fleet. She also tends to get herself in to a lot of trouble.

Corona is an Avoran Repair ship, and one that is highly unique and unusual. The Matriach of the Avoran ships, she cares for Aurora's sister ships Nova, Lumious and Pulsar, as well as the little experimental ship Eclipse. She is very old, fierce when she wants to be but has a good heart.

Eclipse is by my own admission, the Tiny Tim of the Avoran ships. An experimental prototype built shortly before the end of the Avoran civilisation, the technology she carried failed. Abandoned and left in Corona's care, she is very sick and needs a great deal of care.

That's it... fancy meeting them all? Grab a copy of Proteus Evolution.

Proteus Art - The Arr

Me...? World building and all that?

This is the Arr, the Dendritian flagship featured in Proteus Of Darkness and Light. It is heavily damaged during the battle of Apeyra and is returned to Beletrix for repairs.
By far Dendritian technology is nowhere near as advanced as the Alphians or Apeyrons and this is a warp drive capable ship as opposed to the subspace drive.
It is deliberately designed like this following a strange insect like style to match its creators.

More soon, maybe?

Proteus Art - Kelik Station

Introduced in Proteus The Long Way Round, Kelik Station is owned by the Dendritian Padaran Moss. It is a trading and diplomatic station for all the trade alliance races. Until this point I have a vague idea in my head of what I wanted to see, but this brings it all to life. The station has 8 large docking bays and 8 small docking bays, plus a central bay in the may complex for smaller ships. It is a massive station nearly 10 kilometers across. It is split in to 4 sections - the Upper central core where you will find all the shops, administration and diplomatic areas, plus living quarters. Then below that is the more industrial side with power generation, shield emitters and deuterium storage and on each side are the docking and cargo facilities with crew quarters. At any one time there are over two thousand people aboard Kelik with dozens of ships coming and going.

Proteus Art - Qidgee and Norcee

Continuing with the teaser introductions to the new ships due to appear in Proteus Evolution this is Norcee and Qidgee. Norcee is a second generation Titan although somewhat smaller than Miras, as you can see she is a monster of a ship. Norcee is very much the head girl, prim and proper and always thinks she is in charge even if her sisters tend to laugh at her and do what they want. Talking of the rebellious ones, to her side is Qidgee, technically the smallest of the Proteus ships. Qidgee is an utter hand full, with a potty mouth, a hyperactive nature and generally a complete pain in the backside. She is by far the weakest of the Proteus fleet though having minimal shields and no weapons yet she is unique in her abilities to form jump windows. She requires no recharge time and is amazingly accurate. She is also the fastest and most agile.